Ford F-150 Drive Modes: Functions and How to Use

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The new Selectable Drive Mode system on the all-new 2020 Ford Escape is meant to improve your driving experience over a spread of road conditions. Just choose a drive mode, and therefore the Escape will alter traction control, steering and pedal response, and available Intelligent AWD to optimize drive performance for the present conditions. The four standard modes of the 2020 Ford Escape are Eco, Sport, Normal and Slippery. A Deep Snow/Sand mode is additionally provided on models equipped with Intelligent AWD. In this article, we will discuss detailed information on the driving modes of the Ford F-150. Please read the information related to all driving modes that are present in Ford F-150.

How to select different drive modes in F-150

To use the Drive Mode System during a 2020 Ford F-150, you merely have to press or shift either your column or console shifter. The Drive Mode Selection menu will appear within the instrument cluster and allows you to navigate through the available modes to the one you would like. Doing so will help optimize Ford F-150 performance for any job or ride, providing better fuel economy, towing, or overall performance. However, mode changes aren’t available when the ignition is off. To use it, the vehicle must be in drive condition. Users need to understand the complete procedure of selecting the drive mode of the Ford F150.

What F-150 year models allow you to select different drive modes?

A high-performing truck on the Ontario roads can go a long way for work or recreation. To optimize your drive, Ford added the Drive Mode Selection feature to the 2020 Ford F-150 models. Before this year, there was no drive mode option available in the Ford F-150 vehicle. However, there are a lot of benefits of the drive mode. The most important thing is that you can save fuel and be driven in a unique mode engine quality, and the vehicle is in good condition.

It also changes the functionality and the steering system. Complete comfort and steering adjustable feel are to be found as per the selection of the driving mode. For high-performance driving and stability, traction control of your vehicle is dependent upon the driving mode.

After enabled, throttle control enhances the powertrain response, transmission controls become optimized with shift schedules, and four-wheel drive settings are optimized and tuned to every mode.

Changing the drive mode engages or disengages the electronic locking differential. Changing the drive mode changes the four-wheel drive modes to be the default, available, or not available.

List of all drive modes available and what each is used for

Though an entire set of accessible drive modes are below, your 2020 Ford F-150 may only have a number of those listed. However, all is out there in an F-150:

Normal Mode

Normal mode is that perfect balance of pleasure, comfort, and convenience. Normal driving mode is often the default mode after each ignition cycle Ford F-150.
All four-wheel-drive modes are selectable when in normal mode.

Eco Mode

Eco-driving mode helps deliver maximum fuel efficiency and helps to extend the golf range on Ford F-150. Two-wheel drive high is the default four-wheel-drive mode. Four-wheel drive isn’t available in eco mode.

Tow/Haul Mode

Tow/Haul improved the transmission operation when towing a trailer or an essential load on Ford F-150. This mode moves upshifts to higher engine speeds to scale back the frequency of transmission shifting. This mode also provides engine braking altogether forward gears, which slows your vehicle and assists you in controlling your vehicle when descending a grade. The quantity of downshifting braking provided varies, supported by the portion you press the pedal.

All four-wheel-drive modes are selectable in tow/haul mode. This mode doesn’t default to a particular four-wheel-drive mode.

Sport Mode

This mode increases accelerator response and provides sportier steering feel on Ford F-150. The powertrain system holds onto short gears longer, helping your vehicle accelerate faster.
The four-wheel-drive auto is the default four-wheel-drive mode.

Slippery Mode

Slippery mode is beneficial in less than ideal road conditions like snow or ice-covered roads. This mode is often used for crossing terrain where a firm surface is roofed with loose, wet, or slippery material. Slippery mode lowers throttle response and optimizes shifting for slippery surfaces.
The four-wheel-drive auto is the default four-wheel-drive mode. Two-wheel drive high isn’t available in slippery mode.

Deep Snow/Sand Mode

Doing off-road driving on soft, dry sand or deep snow on your Ford F-150. This mode optimizes accelerator response, traction, and stability controls to assist in maintaining forward momentum. If your Ford F-150 becomes stuck in deep snow or sand conditions, use this mode to help get unstuck. Four-wheel drive high is the default four-wheel-drive mode.
Warning: don’t use this mode when driving on pavement or packed snow. Deep Snow/Sand might cause the driveline to bind up and damage the system counting on the four-wheel-drive mode selection.

Mud & Ruts Mode

Mud & Ruts driving mode is used for off-road driving. This mode enhances F-150’s performance to traverse muddy, rutted, or uneven terrains.
Warning: don’t use this mode when driving on pavement or packed snow.

Rock Crawl Mode

Rock Crawl driving mode is used for off-road driving and optimum rock-climbing. Rock crawl mode engages the electronic locking differential on Ford F-150. Rock crawl mode optimizes the throttle and transmission response to supply you with additional control of your vehicle. This drive mode is available in Ford F-150. Rock Crawl driving mode is only available in four-wheel vehicles of the Ford.

To note, a number of the drive modes will reduce traction and stability performance. When this happens, a warning indicator will illuminate the instrument cluster.

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Complete information related to the driving mode of the Ford F-150 and its function is mentioned above in detail in this article. After reading all the driving modes, you get a piece of complete information and can activate all the modes. Ford recently in the last year launched the different driving modes to select anyone and enjoy the drive.

If you are interested in learning more about the different driving modes that Ford F-150 models have to offer, we suggest having a closer look at them via a test drive. If you are located near Wilmington, IL, fill out the contact form below and we will get you set up for a test drive. The Ford F-150 is an amazing truck and you should really see the inside of one to get a good look at all the amazing features like the various driver modes.

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