Can you watch movies on a SYNC 4 Screen?

Can you watch movies on Ford SYNC4 screens?

The car industry’s innovative design and technology has improved vastly over the years. It is no surprise that most cars, trucks, and SUVs on the market are currently jam packed with all sorts of bells and whistles when it comes to features. Gone are the days when heated seats and sunroofs were luxury, now we are experiencing enhanced safety features, drive-assist technology, and even large touchscreen devices that resemble iPads right on your dash. The Ford SYNC 4 touchscreen display is one of the largest on the market and has consumers intrigued. Many people are curious if you can watch movies or YouTube on the Ford SYNC 4 screen. 

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What is the Ford SYNC 4 Info Entertainment system?

Speaking of all of the innovative technology systems that are available on the market, the Ford SYNC 4 Info Entertainment system is one that can definitely not be overlooked. Ford SYNC 4 is the newest and greatest model of Ford’s entertainment system that is giving consumers even more than they could ask for in terms of features. Features like an increased screen size ranging from 8 to 15.5 inches makes the ability to screen split possible, while also giving you the customization you want. You can customize your home screen to your liking and highlight up to nine apps to be ready at your fingertips. Ford SYNC 4 replaces traditional dashboards with a large tablet touchscreen, bringing you more into the future than ever before. We are confident that you will be so impressed when you see the Ford SYNC 4 Infotainment system. 


Can you watch movies on the Ford SYNC 4 screen?

From navigation, making calls, operating applications, and more, the Ford SYNC 4 Infotainment system is multitasking and is giving consumers even more than they could ever imagine in their vehicles. At the current moment, you are not able to watch movies on the Ford SYNC 4 screen. Doing so would pose as a distraction and safety hindrance to the driver. While the screen itself can be very interactive and helpful in your drive, Ford has made it a top priority to keep your safety in the highest regard.  


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