2024 Ford Explorer EV

2024 Explorer EV

2024 Ford Explorer EV SHOCKS the market, steals model spotlight

The new 2024 Ford Explorer EV brings a fresh look into a market of all-electric SUV that will leave fans of Ford or new buyers into the marketplace leaving the lot very pleased! D’Orazio Ford has amazing offers on new Ford Electric Vehicles. This new model by Ford is its first-ever all-electric Explorer model, and it’s exploded onto the scene in a way only Ford knows how to do. Through a beneficial partnership this new 2024 Ford Explorer EV is utilizing an award-winning MEB, or Modular Electric Drive Matrix, that has been tried and tested and is ready to be utilized by Ford in its EV’s. Due to this amazing technology being utilized, owners of the 2024 Ford Explorer EV can rest assured knowing the integration of the motor-generator and power electronics of the single system are fully synergized and tested to maximize value for owners. 

The interior and exterior for the new 2024 Ford Explorer EV cannot be overlooked either. Ford has outdone themselves and truly kept the driver and passenger comfort at the forefront of the design moving forward for this line. There are small blessings in every corner of the cab in the 2024 Ford Explorer EV, starting out with the 15” touchscreen for driver and passenger use, which Ford has engineered to be movable vertically for maximum comfort and customization. Just below the convenient touchscreen lives the Explorer EV’s MegaConsole which is designed to hold up to 17 liters of storage space. Another unique benefit that owners of the 2024 Ford Explorer EV will benefit from is the amazing soundbar that has been integrated into the driver’s upper dashboard, which includes ambient lighting and provides a pleasant all-around auditory experience. With two rows of seats providing a five-passenger interior, of which the front row provides heated and massaging seats, drivers of the 2024 Ford Explorer EV are set up for ultimate success and comfort behind the wheel of this amazing Electric Vehicle.

The benefits extend further inward than the interior itself however, with perks like fast-charging and top-of-the-line electric vehicle performance, especially for Electric SUV’s. With the powertrain being that of the Award-winning MEB, drivers can rely on 200-300 horsepower (depending on RWD or AWD possibilities), as well as an expected range near 275 miles per charge, meaning drivers will be charging up with less frequency than you’re used to. Along with that, fast-charging that allows the Explorer’s EV battery to charge from 10% to 80% in just 25 minutes, those charges should be infrequent and fairly speedy. 

Whether you’re new to the Electric Vehicle marketplace or a first-time buyer looking to electrify successfully, the 2024 Ford Explorer EV is the perfect choice for a multitude of buyers. D’Orazio Ford in Wilmington, IL has the best team around, we’re ready and willing to start this journey of finding you the best EV the market has to offer, call or schedule a meeting online today!

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