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Buying a car attracts different emotions, and the excitement is overwhelming. A car is not something that one wakes up to buy. Instead, it requires financial planning and commitment. The car market has continued to advance, with new ones hitting the market every day. Choosing a car that suits your needs might be rocky because they boast different features.

In this article, we shall discuss the incoming new 2022 Ford Lighting. This is the first gas-free vehicle from Ford, offering more advanced technology. The Ford lightning will be available for sale next year. This new truck is something to marvel at as it will give you a whole new driving experience with a reliable capability. The features of this vehicle are incredible, with software updates included. Here are a few of the features:

  • Cab height – 78.9
  • Overall length – 232.7
  • Wheelbase – 145.5
  • Seating Capacity – 5
  • Battery Type – Lithium-ion

2022 Ford Lightning Interior Features

The interior of 2022 Ford Lighting is a wonderland. The machine houses a 15.9 touch screen. The systems in this vehicle are diverse, including voice control, Android Auto, Amazon Alexa, wireless connection to Apple Car Play. You will enjoy a gauge cluster of 12-inch boasting animated graphics as you drive. In addition, the 2022 Ford has reclining seats and an interior work surface.
The power system of this vehicle is mind-blowing because it can feed your home with power in case of an outage. Ford Lighting has a power system backup of 9.6. You can trust this system to light up your home and charge electronics and other home appliances. This vehicle has a carrying capacity of five passengers and a guarantee of comfort for the passengers and driver.

2022 Ford Lightning Trim Levels

This four-wheel-drive vehicle will have two trim levels, and here is a brief about them.


The base trim level boasts inbuilt electrical outlets that will power appliances, tools and electronics even when far from home directly. This trim level boasts 2.4 power kilowatts, and it will have options for more kilowatts.


The XLT Trim level is made for buyers who want a family truck. Its battery pack will offer a range of 230 miles and one pair of electric motors to make 426 horsepowers. It has 18-inch wheels and standard taillights and LED lights.

2022 Ford Lightning Color Available

Even though the order has not been released, you can still choose your favorite color. You will be lost for choices because 2022 Ford lighting is available in 10 colors. Here are the available colors

  • Atlas blue
  • Rapid red
  • Iced blue
  • Antimatter blue
  • Star white
  • Agatte black
  • Iconic silver
  • Oxford white
  • Carbonized gray
  • Stone gray

All these colors boast an aesthetic appeal. However, the rapid red and star white are some of the top choices.

The 2022 Ford lightning is productivity built, and you can trust it to meet your driving needs. The features of this machine will be impressive and innovative, making it worth every dollar. As Ford’s first electric vehicle and one of the first electric trucks, the Ford Lightning is sure to turn heads.

Preorder the 2022 Ford Lightning

If you are dying to get your hands on one of these new trucks, we can help you at D’Orazio Ford. If you contact us, we can preorder one of these models for you and have it waiting on our lot for you to take home. This truck is sure to be a doorbuster so make sure that you are prepared to take one home by preordering one.

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