2020 Ford F150 XLT

2020 Ford F150 XLT


Truck lovers rejoice, the 2020 F150 has arrived. For those looking to test drive or purchase a 2020 F-150, there are several different trim levels available from Ford. In case the word ‘trim level’ is unfamiliar, this refers to the specific model of F150. As you increase in trim levels, from XL to XLT for example, you get more features, but price also increases accordingly. If it is your first time buying a F150, it can be tough to understand what exactly is included with each model. For example, we often get questions here at D’Orazio Ford about the differences between the F150 XL and the XLT, or the XLT and the Lariat. Therefore, let’s take an in depth look at the 2020 Ford F150 XLT model and discuss what comes with this trim level of the F150 and what makes it different from other trims. Read on below for more information about the 2020 Ford F150 XLT. 


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2020 Ford F150 XLT Key Features

There is no question that it is hard to go wrong with any F150 truck if you are looking for performance and dependability. However, when it comes to the XLT specifically, there are some key features that set it apart from the F150 XL model, which is one trim level lower. These include:



The 2020 XLT comes with a standard two bar-style chrome grille. The grille has chrome nostrils, black background mesh, and black surround. The XL, on the other hand, only has a black two bar style with black nostrils. The chrome grille on the XLT makes for a much more striking and stylish face on the truck, and is a definite upgrade. 



The XLT comes with 17 inch silver-painted aluminum wheels. This is an upgrade from the XL, which only comes with silver steel wheels.The aluminum wheels are definitely more visually impressive. If you are interested in the look of larger wheels, the Lariat trim level, one higher than the XLT, comes with 18 inch aluminum wheels with flash gray pockets for even more visual effect. 


The 2020 Ford F150 XLT vs. F150 XL

Considering the XLT compared to the XL? When you go up a trim level from the XL to the XLT you get a lot more visual and quality of life upgrades, as well as more additional options. We already discussed the wheels and grille above, but there are numerous benefits to the XLT on the interior and technology fronts as well. The interior of the XLT is color coordinated down to the floor mats, whereas the XL only comes with black vinyl flooring. The XLT also comes with a lot more in the tech department. Cruise control, for example, is standard on the XLT but only available as an option on the XL. The XLT also comes with more options for Ford Co-Pilot 360 tech. On the XLT you can get Blind Spot Information System with Trailer Coverage, Hill Control Descent, and Voice Activated Navigation as options, all of which are unavailable on the XL. Hopefully this illustrates the difference between the models. If you are looking to enjoy your truck for more than just utility, it could be worth considering the XLT over the XL.


The 2020 Ford F150 XLT vs. F150 Lariat. 

If you are looking for even more in the comfort and style department, it could be worth upgrading to the F150 Lariat. At the Lariat trim level you get a lot of standard features that are only available options on the XLT, like additional sport modes for the engine and safety features like the aforementioned Blind Spot Information System with Trailer Coverage. The interior and exterior are also upgraded on the Lariat, with push button start coming standard, an 8 inch productivity screen instead of 2.3 inches on the XLT, dual zone temperature control, and more. The Lariat really is a big step up from the XLT in terms of comfort and features. If you have the budget to upgrade and want to take advantage of the exterior, interior, and technology upgrades on the Lariat, it’s worth considering over the XLT. If you are looking more for performance or have a lower budget, the XLT is still a fantastic truck with the dependability and quality that the F150 family is known for. 


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